Our Brooklyn: Música for the kids of Williamsburg (and beyond)

August 22, 2017

In this new series we will share some of our favorite spots (we've been doing this since the start-now we have a snazzy section for them!) and people. Whether you are a longtime Brooklynite or are just visiting...come explore our nook with us!

Argentinean singer Laura Dayan with 15 years of music experience under her belt, started Rock n Lolo to combine her love of her native language Spanish, with music for kids. Geared towards 11 months to 4 years of age, Laura teaches in energetic melodies that help the kids that help the kids to become excited not only about learning but through the Latin language. 

MB: Do you live in Brooklyn?

I live in Williamsburg!

MB: What made you decide to start Rock 'n' Lolo ?

RNL: I love kids and I feel have a special connection with them. They let me be  able to keep playing. Doing silly stuff and don't feel shame for it.. Their capacity to imagine, surprise and amaze with simple Stuff is just magic to me.
They motivate me. I also have things to learn from them. That's one of the things that motivate me to work with kiddos.
Also.. their are the future. Is my goal to make everything Is in my hands, to help educate them, (in what I feel I am good at)  Music is my passion and my talent. Spanish is my mother-language. Communication is the base for respect and love. So why don't mixed up all of it and give them a treasure that will enjoy now and use in the future?

MB: What are your tips to new parents who are considering music for their little ones? When is a good time to start?

RNL: It never is too early to exposure kids to music. And it is never too early neither to expose kids to learn a new language. We take it for granted that because they are little that they may not be able to handle many things which actually they totally can!
The younger they start, the much easier it will be for them down the road musically. 

MB: How do your classes work?

RNL: My classes work through repetitions. With original engaged songs specially composed to make kiddos make relations between words and concepts that they will get for context.
All of it, plus imagination, love, talent and energy is the perfect received for them to learn while having lot of fun ;)

MB: Where can we find you?

RNL: You can find more about RockNLolo
at RockNLolo.com
And spy some pics/videos in Instagram @RockNLolokids



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