Navigating our busy days with Google Home

September 30, 2018

Now that being back at school is in motion there is one gadget that we have started to use to help us navigate our day. With the help of Baby's Smart Room via Verizon I learned about gadgets that can help a parent throughout their busy day. Hmm, go high tech? Will it work for our crazy busy home? We decided to give Google Home a go. We have been using it at Casa Ladd for a month and we are still learning all this device has to offer, so far, I am not quite sure why it took me so long to start using this baby.

Here is how we are utilizing Google Home:

The Temperature
Asking for the temperature may not seem like a big deal in the scheme of things, yet when you live in a state where the temperature can change in hours, this is important information to know. I have two humans besides myself to dress for the day and with both kids having school time outdoors so I need to dress them appropriately. I simply ask while sifting through the kids' closets, pick accordingly and we're out the door. Also, having my 9 year old hear the temperature means I do not have to have a back and forth on why I chose a particular outfit for him. Check this task off my list for the morning.

Shopping List

A fellow mom friend shared her most useful time-saving tip for Google HOme for a shopping list, gasp, I didn't think of this and I love lists! This is a huge time saver for me as our Google Home is located in the living room where I have my workspace and can dictate a shopping list while I type away on my computer. Yay-another time saver for me.

Another biggie. I set up a timer for when I am cooking or when I warn my son he has an hour left on the iPad. I'm becoming famous for the 15-minute warning that I give before bedtime or when we need to be out the door. There is a finality in hearing the chimes when the time is up that for some miracle my oldest does not fight or whine that he has to lock it down for the night.

I set up reminders such as to remember to bring my sons' field trip slips when the school library shifts are happening at my son's school and important appointments for the entire family.

Music & Cooking
I love to cook and have always looked up recipes, with Google Home I will ask the recipe I am wishing to cook, Google Home makes suggestions, I pick my favorite and then prompts me what to do. I can ask for it to pause or to rewind a bit. Another fav is music, simply ask to play the type of music you or your family wants to jam to and enjoy!

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