Happy Weekend.

June 18, 2016

Back from an early Summer vacation staying in the most amazing Hacienda Vila in Mexico to celebrate my hubby's grandfather who turned 85! There are so many family members that we took over two 'houses'. I'll post on this trip this summer as part of traveling with kids posts Erica and I write. As for summer in the horizon (officially starts Monday) I have some serious #goals this summer to lose the weight I gained eating the most amazing Mexican food. Worth it? Si!

To Do:

McCarren Pool opens June 29th. Hours 11 am -7pm (Break 3pm-4pm) .

Register for the lottery for Learn to Swim free swim lessons at McCarren pool

Plan to go to Coney Island soon? Students are invited to trade in their textbooks for exciting thrills at Luna Park on Coney Island.  

From June 1st through June 30th, students can “redeem” up to five grades from any 2016 report card, earning the maximum of 20 ride credits. Grade A receives 4 credits; Grade B receives 3 credits and Grade C receives 2 credits. Open to all students, from kindergarten through college, who make the ‘grade,’ should bring their report cards to Guest Services for their rewards. 

This Weekend: 

The Mermaid Parade is today at 1pm. Get there early as it can get a bit crazy.

Sat & Sun:

Coming Up:



The Deets on Serious Fun Messtival:

Grab your tickets to SeriousFun Messtival – the messy, camp-inspired festival benefitting SeriousFun Children’s Network -- on Saturday, June 25 from 9am to 3pm in Brooklyn, New York’s Prospect Park. Give kids with serious illness the fun they deserve experience your own seriously fun day, which will be fun for all ages, including the little ones!

All proceeds from SeriousFun Messtival support SeriousFun, which offers the life-changing magic of camp for kids with serious illnesses -- always offered free of charge.

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