Happy Weekend.

March 03, 2017



The Bent And The Straight
I recently worked out with one of my favorite people/pilate gurus Marina Trejo from the tkkk and gave to charity at the same time. This class happens every Saturday and for the next two Saturdays (3/4, & 3/11) will be a pay what you like 1OO% donation classes.These classes have benefited ACLU, Planned Parenthood International Rescue Committee
and Camions of Care to name a few.
Sending you all love and care and goodness to your day, your week, your life and you. I appreciate my friends so much more than I ever thought and would love to see more of you.
The bent + the straight also have meditation, 10 day Spring Clean eat-for-grace clubhouse. These are all glasses geared to taking care of mama..body and soul.  The Bent And The Straight

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