I am learning to love my kids getting older (it use to freak me out).

November 20, 2017

As a parent, I always feared the day my kids would enter the ‘forbidden’ age. Birthdays were milestones. And 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4 and 4 to 5 were all handled with ease. They still felt ‘toddler’ like. They still felt innocent. I could handle it. Then my oldest turned 6 and along with it, so did my stomach. What do I do with a 6-year-old?  Thankfully I still had my son who was 4. So I felt like I had one foot on each side. I could remain in my younger camp a little bit longer. Plus, I welcomed a new baby a few months later. So I was good. For now. Haha.
I am learning to love my kids getting older (it use to freak me out).
I recently realized that six wasn’t so bad. And seven sort of flew by. But this past summer when my first born turned 8, I truly thought - well isn’t this great. And you know what I’ve seen?  That it is. Sure she is still a kid and still has flashback behaviors (haha). But she is also this small human that enjoys talking to me. We have conversations. She helps out - in an actual, helpful way. Like when she washes dishes, I don’t redo them. Logistically she is taller. She can reach more things. She can get herself ready, and in fact, gets annoyed if I try to brush her hair.

Of course, she wants to do things I’m not ready for. Like, wear makeup and go to the store alone. But she also does cool stuff like save her money and then buys something for herself. Or she will do a chore without me reminding her. She is coming to realize she is a part of the family and as a family, we have to care about our home.  She will put things away and help my two younger children to do the same.

She’s more than half my size. I know she will be taller than me. She’s got more style than me. She’s a great first born - something I know nothing about since I’m a younger sister. She is truly finding herself. Trying new activities and excelling at them. Playing with old and new friends. Being responsible. It’s sort of remarkable to watch a person grow up. Not just in size and developmental milestones. But to watch them grow and change and become who they are personality wise. And now I know. It’s not so scary, in fact, it’s pretty amazing. And I’m enjoying it more than I thought I would. Teen years bring em on?!

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