Two items we found (and love) at The New York Baby Show

May 24, 2018

Here are a few other favs that I found at the New York Baby Show 2018. 

There were so many great brands and baby items at the New York Baby Show, we are recapping on our two favs here, definitely check out all the vendors on their site to learn more about the baby products and gear available for new and season parents. 

I've written about Breast Pumps in the past and The Evenflo Advanced Double electric continues to impress me. It is one of the best under $100 breast pumps with most costing between $69- 99.

Evenflo Feeding's Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump is perfect for frequent breast pumping. The pump features the PerfectlyPure design which is a closed system that prevents milk from backing up into the tubing. This protects breast milk from contamination. There is also three flage sizes to choose from to find the perfect fit and the pumped can be personalized with AdvancedControl technology at each pumping session. The pumps designed also includes a shorter nipple tunnel and higher bottle-to-flange angle, this means more comfort when pumping. More on the pump here

Tip: check with your insurance t see if your breast pump is covered as most medical insurance cover breast pumps, what pumps that are covered depends on insurance . 


I wish I would have asked a bit more questions on this cover that will be coming out from Bloom however I thought it was so great I kept taking pictures , the photo does not do this rosegold cover much justice, it is very chic in the flesh.  What I do know is that it is designed to go over the Nano Folding Chair and beside this rose gold cover it will also be available in silver matte.




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