4 (Cool!) Children's Animal Books

October 03, 2016


Animal books are probably one if not the most popular theme kids books...right there with the ABC's. And we love a good animal book which is why we wanted to share 4 that are rich in creativity. This doesn't mean the classics  (Juggle Book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar)  will lose their place on our children's shelves..the more the merrier and we as moms are always open in news ways to enlighten our little ones.

Atlas Of Animal Adventures by Rachel Williams and Emily Hawkins This recently launched book is rich in illustration, facts and adventure. Geared towards children 6 to 9 I do feel an animal lover toddler would enjoy having this read to them nightly for the colorful drawings are full of entertainment.

The Forest Folk by Jason Hook Kids can learn about 5 forest animals such as Bears, otter and wolves. Vibrant designed pages that also include 3 D pop out cards of the animals that can be used when reading the book or as a fun animal prop to add to the books shelf. Short playful rhymes on pages teach the kiddies about their habits and world they inhabit.

Creature Sounds by Andrew Zuckerman We own many books by photographer Andrew Zuckerman so it makes perfect sense that we start are children young in appreciating his beautiful images of animals while learning animal sounds.  

Animal Babies in the river! by Julia Groves  A lovely first book door the wee ones, I actually didn't know (maybe I forgot, hmmm yes that is what happen) what the baby’s version of certain animals are called. For instance cygnets are baby swans...otter’s babies are pups. This is a sweet book and refreshingly different as far as animal books go.


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