Latest Book Pick: Tacos!: An Interactive Recipe Book (Cook In A Book)

January 17, 2018


It would be safe to say we have a thing about tacos here. We've shared on how we save time by eating them, we read about them often, so yes we love tacos. Which is why when I was looking for a stocking stuffer book for my toddler I knew that picking up this Tacos!: An Interactive Recipe Book (Cook In A Book). This book had my name written all over it, visually it piqued my interest, would a 20-month-old go for it? Shopping for books for him is a bit challenging, he loves books, yet the book has to fit his personality or else it's thrown back at you. Don't you love the throwing stage ( eye roll happening right now)?

Once it was removed from the stocking, it was ignored for a few days, and suddenly I found my babe opening it, going back to it, figuring it out. Recently Early Intervention entered back into our lives; we were told that we would need to work on some delays for our babe. We've been down this road with the eight-year-old, and I honestly can't believe he didn't start speaking to almost 4, we now have to beg him for silent time. Despite becoming a bit of an expert in Early Intervention, I had a pit in my stomach when I was told this. This is where it starts. The worry, the sleepless nights. When my babe gravitates to a book, and we find him going through the pages, it causes pause. For it is no small wonder for all what books do for our kids. So we unequivocally love tacos. We especially love books about tacos that tell an interactive story base on a real recipe. Chop up the veggies, warm up the oil, make the guacamole...hungry yet? We are every time we read and play with this book. The best part is when a shy toddler discovers and explores all the word has to offer in a cool book. One taco at a time. 

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