5 DIY Holiday Kits to Craft with your Kids

November 28, 2017



It is always fun to get into the holiday spirit with some fun crafts with the kids especially if the weather is too cold and staying in having a cozy family day sounds ideal. But... your busy and starting a craft from scratch isn't on your to-do list. This is why we found kits that are fun/festive and help everyone get set up for the holidays as a family. These kits are set up to give you the blueprint of what you need to do giving you an end result that has you and your kiddos signature touch.

Sweet Holiday House 

This sweet DIY Valentine Colonial Putz House Kit house is such a beauty to put in your child's room with tea lights or under the Christmas tree. Materials include Bristol Board Building Pieces, Bottle Brush Trees, Chipboard Base, Cardstock Mailboxes, Cardstock Heart Embellishments and Vellum paper.

Letter Ornaments to Santa
If like us you use Santa pretty much all year to get your kid(s) to listen then you'll appreciate this Letters to Santa kit from Elf on the Shelf. How it works is that Scout Elf express delivers your child's letter that is shrunken (this part is you baking in the oven) to a unique Scout Elf size with the special paper that is included in the kit.
After Santa receives and reads the letters, Scout Elves returns n(this would be you) the letters as ornaments. There is a beautiful book that illustrates this whole process. We are planning to do this craft so definitely follow us on Instagram where we'll share the story of our Letters to Santa process.

Make a Snow Globe
We are huge fans of Seedling here and feel that their kits are well thought out and educational for the kids, most importantly they are fun. This DIY Snow Globe is perfect to craft with the kiddies on a Saturday morning.

DIY Wreath
Every year one of us here at MB wants to tackle a DIY wreath but oy vey it seems time consuming and where to even start. This 24 inches Natural DIY Wreath form Oregon Natural Decor comes with all the materials: cedar boughs, pine boughs, pinecones, fir boughs, ferns, and holly is a no excuses you will be putting a wreath up mama!

Porcelain Ornaments
We love these oven ornaments as gifts for the teacher, on the tree if you celebrate Christmas or to use as sweet name tags for a holiday present. Paint Your Own Porcelain Christmas Ornaments includes six porcelain ornaments, paintbrush, ribbon and 12 paints.

Main photo: Holiday Spirits Decor

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