Motherhood Musings: Comfort of home

September 02, 2016


I remember when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. My husband and I were still just a couple and therefore able to enjoy a meal out, just minus a drink for me ;). Or, we could go to a movie or a show. We enjoyed the moments as a couple leading up to becoming a family as much as we could.

When I was pregnant with my son, we used all of my check ups as a date opportunity since our daughter was already being cared for by my sister in law. So we would drop off our daughter, go to the doctor and then grab a meal or a movie.  It was a perfect two for one.

By the time my older two children were 3 and 5 we were in a nice groove (even 2 and 4 was pretty good!). We could do things. Eat out. Go to the movies. Travel. We were free of strollers and diapers and requesting high chairs at restaurants.  Luckily they were pretty well behaved.

When I was pregnant last summer we would call every fun thing our 'last'. My husband and I would say 'oh, this is our last brunch!'  Or 'this is our last baseball game!'  Thinking how could a family of 5 do anything?  Especially when one member is an infant?  Our life as we know it will be over!!!!!!

But ah. I had forgotten about those glorious newborn days. When a baby sleeps soundly and you can sneak in some fun time. So. The first three months of my youngest daughter's life we marched on. I did skip on the movies fearing she would wake screaming. But we ate out. Did activities. Carried on. I kept thinking - she will get more alert. Not be willing to sit in a restaurant. Never sit through a baseball game. The end is near!  But I was surprised. This little gal earned the name 'chief sitting bull'. Not one to want to move and groove - she sat through many meals out. Weekly dance classes for her big sister, and then, a 4+ hour dance recital. Little league games each week for he big brother. Six professional baseball games (including a double header!). And she just happily tagged along.  I'd wear her most places and she just snoozed away.

She didn't start crawling until 9+ months. So we had an extended run of freedom. And even now. At almost 11 months it wasn't until just this week that she became annoyed at sitting in places.

So now we enter the active baby phase. Which I find to be the most difficult. She can't yet walk. But wants to explore. And she can't exactly crawl around just anywhere!  There will be plenty of movies and dinners and museums in the future. But for now, a home is the easiest place to be. No one to step on her. No dangerous things to harm her. Just a safe place for her to explore as we slow down and enjoy the world through her experiences.


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