Baby Wish List

October 30, 2017



My Wish List for baby number 3 is very different from the first one I made seven years ago when I registered before my oldest son was born! I’ve hung onto a lot of items but there have been some pretty cool baby products to hit the market recently. The Snoo and the Uppa Baby Vista (it can hold 3 kids) are two of the gear items on my list. Since I’ll be chasing two older brothers with a baby in tow I’d like to update my carrier situation. I have my original Ergo but I’m excited to try the new Omni! I saved a lot of clothes and as this is my third boy I’m in pretty good shape but I’d love a Misha and Puff treat or two. A few new burp clothes and swaddles are needed as well as a new changing pad (I didn’t hang onto ours). A couple baby books for the big brothers to be and matching PJ’s round out my list!

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