My motto this summer? Make it happen.

August 15, 2017

My first job out of college I had a really great boss. I was fundraising for a children's hospital. Our office moto was 'let's make it happen.' High budget goals? Let's make it happen. Find new event sponsorships?  Let's make it happen. Find awesome volunteers?  Let's make it happen. That motto set the path for my life. Move and find a new job? I made it happen. No longer happy and go to graduate school for a new career? I made it happen. Find a great guy and have a family? I made it happen.

These days my goals are smaller. Get all three kids ready in an hour? Sometimes I make it happen. Leave the house?  Sometimes I make it happen. Haha. But seriously. As any mom knows, some days are easier than others and some days you just need to stay home. We were very fortunate to spend the first three weeks of summer out of town. When we first got home, I needed a few days to unwind, unload, and unpack. By day two I needed out. My kids needed out. And now, no matter how tired I am, how hot it will be, or what mood my kids are in, I make it happen. I dress them. Pack lots of water. Pack lots of food. And we go. I've been pretty ambitious (thanks to some amazing friends who have a similar attitude!) and we've gone swimming, we've gone to the beach, the zoo, and stayed in the park until it was almost dusk.

So I say make it happen. Make the effort. Make the plan. Make the memories. It's totally worth it.


Post by Erica Young

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