Our Brooklyn: Photographer Nina Gallo

August 22, 2017

In this new series we will share some of our favorite spots (we've been doing this since the start-now we have a snazzy section for them!) and people. Whether you are a longtime Brooklynite or are just visiting...come explore our nook with us!

I noticed photographer Nina's Gallo's images when we sealed our new found friendship by following each other on our social media channels. I had had no idea she possess the talent of taking gorgeous photos. Most capture the day ins and outs of life with her kids here in the Brooklyn. I love the pics for the realness these images reflect. Yes, we live in a very popular place however this is our home. Some of our fellow mom friends like Nina grew up in the same houses/apartments they now raise their families.

Us moms of Brooklyn are taking kids to school, picking up groceries..living our lives and this is the Brooklyn we know. New is welcomed (we love that we have a Whole Foods now!) and the condos popping up bring new friends, great places to eat yet there are parts that not everyone sees and Nina captures this like the native Brooklynite she is.

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