Get your rock on: Songs for Seeds is coming to Williamsburg!

August 14, 2018

When my oldest was younger, I went with a friend to a Songs for Seeds class in 'the city' and loved it. It was the class I had been searching for, fun and engaging which isn't easy when the participants are still in the toddler stage. We had challenges at most music classes as my son was high energy, and I loved that at this Song for Seeds class the kids' energy was warmly welcomed. The teachers were encouraging and immediately flowed with my son's personality. I recall thinking I wish there were a class like this close to my home; now my son is past the music class stage but not his two-year-old brother who is the perfect age to join in at the Songs for Seeds that is soon coming to our neighborhood!

Songs for Seeds is the brainchild music class created by the founders of the popular playspace Apple Seeds started here in New York City. Their foundation is base on early childhood education which means the classes are explorative with music from different regions; songs are filled with eclectic and of rhythmic patterns. Kids are encouraged to sing along (of course!) and play the real instruments each class provides. Now, this popular class series is coming to Williamsburg, yay!
We wanted to know a wee more about what to expect from this new chapter opening here to our Greenpoint and Williamsburg parents, so we chatted with Molly Pfeifer, an educator who is bringing Songs for Seeds to our neighborhood.

MB: Tell us about yourself! :

Molly/ Songs for Seeds: I am a born and raised New Yorker. I grew up on the UWS then went to upstate NY for college. Upon graduating, I became a preschool teacher in a 3’s classroom. After a few months in the school, I decided to go back to school for a masters.  I went to Bankstreet College of Education and got a masters in Childhood Special Education. I then moved to San Francisco for almost two years but missed New York too much and came back to teach Pre-K again. My boyfriend at the time, my now husband, continually said we should look at places in Brooklyn. After a lot of cajoling, I was excited to move and we have now lived in Williamsburg for the past 3 ½ years. We adore it and don’t plan on moving any time soon! 

MB: Can you tell us more about Songs for Seeds coming to Williamsburg? :
Molly/Songs for Seeds:
We are starting on September 4th. I’m so excited about songs for seeds coming to Williamsburg because I think it is a perfect fit for the Williamsburg area. There are so many young families and having the ability to bring a quality, fun, educational and engaging class for small children to the area is beyond thrilling to me. I have always loved working with children and am excited to transition into a different role and experience a new way to work with children, parents, and families.

MB: How do classes work? :
Molly/Songs for Seeds:
The Monthly model is $129 for 4 classes but you must sign up for specific class time, you have one make-up per month.
We are running a special promotion of $30 off your first month if you register by September 15.
The band will also play birthday parties, local concerts, and events
Birthday pricing depends on if it is 1,2,3 piece band and length of the party (30 or 45 minutes). If you would like to know a bit more about our classes there is a tab on the website called “More Than Music” describes each section of class in detail.

Thank you, Molly, and thank you Songs for Seeds for coming to our little nook in Brooklyn. Below is the class schedule and you can also go online to view classes and info on the Songs for Seeds music series. 

Williamsburg Class Schedule







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