Strolling into Summer with my trio

May 25, 2018


By Sarah Bean Brooklyn

Over the last seven years, I’ve used at least seven different strollers. I’ve registered, traded, borrowed and bought multiple strollers as the needs of my growing family have changed. Not to mention that there are SO many amazing models available now! When I was pregnant with my third, we were using our umbrella stroller for our 3 year old. My 6 year old preferred to bike or scoot. With a third on the way, I needed something that could “contain” more kids and more groceries. By the time Georgie arrived late fall, I still hadn’t figured out our daily transportation. Living in Brooklyn makes it imperative to have just the right stroller in order for a family to get around with ease.


Feeling overwhelmed I turned to Stroller/Gear Guru Dave at Mini Jake for some guidance and to check out a few in person.  Mini Jake has played an important role in the Williamsburg/Brooklyn parenting community for over a decade. For many years I’ve appreciated the store as a place to go for gear that embodies both function and form. With Dave's help, I narrowed down my stroller possibilities to 4 strollers and one honorable mention hybrid!


1. Bugaboo strollers are beautifully designed - even the ads are gorgeous. Of course, I was eyeing the Bugaboo Donkey  It can be used in mono form (a single stroller with a side basket), duo form (a kid’s seat and bassinet) or twin form (2 kids' seats or 2 bassinets). There’s a board that can attach for a child to sit or stand on. The seats are side by side versus in line. If you want a Bugaboo and know you are going to have multiple kids, this is the one to register for!

2. The Silver Cross Wave  is a newer stroller. The seats are in line versus side by side, and, you can add a stroller board. It comes with high-end finishes such as a leather handle bar, hard bottom basket, and an array of luxury fabric choices. The tandem seat has a weight capacity of up to 55lbs which is more than most multiples strollers.

3. The Uppa Baby Vista  is an in line stroller known for it’s huge under carriage basket. For being a stroller with many bells and whistles, it is “less” expensive then its competitors, the Silver Cross Wave and Bugaboo Donkey. While it comes with a bassinet and seat, there are many other accessories to be purchased separately - including a stroller board!

4. The Uppa Baby G-link is a lightweight double umbrella stroller. If you are planing to usually have two children in the stroller at the same time and space saving is top on your priority list, this is a great option. You can’t beat the one-handed fold and the fact that it can stand up while folded. The G-link can be used for newborns as well as older children because the seats recline. It works well for twins or for a baby and a toddler.

While it’s not technically a stroller, the new-to-the-market Veer Cruiser Hybrid must be mentioned. It’s a wagon meets stroller that can take your family from baby and beyond. An infant car seat can even be attached to the wagon! I’d love to keep this in our car (it folds down) for those out-of-city adventures or to take it to the park with a picnic dinner! It just arrived at Mini Jake.


I ended up choosing the Uppa Baby Vista. I will be using the stroller most often as a single with the board. I realized that an in line stroller was the right choice for us when I did need to use the 2 seats. I immediately used the seat versus the bassinet for Georgie. He is a baby who doesn’t love being flat on his back. The infant insets allow the seat to be used from newborn on. I’m blown away by its maneuverability, easy-to-use harness and the huge basket! 


Good luck to finding your family's perfect stroller! While it’s hard to navigate all the choices, the ability to test a stroller out in person helps!  Talking about my lifestyle needs with Dave also aided the decision-making process. One of the first things he asked me was, “Where are you planning to keep your stroller?” This is a question an urban parent certainly understands the importance of!

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