7 Summer Musts for Mama

June 19, 2018


Summer is here, and for what has been months, it actually feels like SUMMER. Which means time to switch gears and wear clothes that feel breezy and light. So this begs the question, what is in your bag? What will be your summer uniform? You know the one you'll need to get you through day by day and, you'll wear to summer infinity. We have many favorite pieces but know that there are at least 7 essentials you need for a summer wardrobe. 

Here are the 7 ultimate styles for the summer mama.

A Tote (that is easy to grasp or hold)

Summer Bags are one of those items you'll find yourself with many during summer excursions as there are so many things to tote around. And to avoid back pain try If to limit to one bag to carry all your summer must-haves look for one that is deep enough to hold all your goodies. For even distribution of weight when toting around your bag look for one with a strap that fits snuggly on your shoulder. A long handle may buckle and not evenly distribute the weight of your bag's contents which could mean a sore back. We love this bag from Lulu's as it isn't ginormous which means you carry what you need and it works whether you are spending the day at the beach or you are heading to work after summer camp drops off. 


Summer Dress
We love a great summer dress as it is easy dressing for those busy days. When looking for a dress try one that is all natural fabric or at the least has some natural fabrication, this will help you to stay cool throughout the day. Some natural and synthetic fabrics that do not breathe easily yet are a favorite fabric for summer dresses are silk or modal. We love these dresses especially for both work and play, also try to choose one that is flowier then tight. If you pick fabric that doesn't breathe so easily look for styles tweaks that bring in a breeze such as slits, v-necks, and sleeveless styles. 


A Long Sleeved Summer Top
A top with long sleeves is a must for when you are in those cold rooms or buildings that feel like Anartica. This top should have slits or designed from a breathable material such as cotton. A top with some sort of ventilation will provide a bit of a barrier to the cold and help you from not becoming too hot especially if you are babywearing or tend to overheat easily during the summer.



Word on the street is mom shorts are back. We say wear what you love to be it a short -short or a bottom to the knee, the short world is your oyster this summer. Some style points to keep in mind: pleats are stylish in shorts, yet you may want to stay clear of them if you are trying to slim down your middle area. Try flat fronts or high waisted shorts. Don't be afraid to add some height to your shorts; we love a low clog sandal or a low heel mule.  


Duh, we know, but shopping and trying to find the perfect swimsuit is right up there with 'things I rather not do today.' Our advice is to pick a suit that first fits, and by this, we mean now. We are guilty of buying a suit that we intend to wear after a 5 to 10-pound miracle weight loss. Embrace your body and choose a suit that fits and is going to work with what you will be doing this summer. If you are running after small children, perhaps a one piece is best unless you feel you can keep everything (you know what we mean) in place in two -piece. If looking for some shape tricks in your suit try a rushed style, this style is like Spanx for the outside of our bodies. The good thing about ruched bathing suits is suits that you can find suits ruched in select areas such at the waist, side or the entire suit. If rushed isn't your thing try a suit with color blocking as the right pattern can create a slimmer silhouette.

If solid color suits are your thing try a high waisted suit for a two-piece bottom option or a belted one piece, both will whittle the middle area. A high cut at the leg will make your legs look longer.

A Comfy Sandal
A summer sandal that is comfortable may not say sexy, however, coming from the city point of view sandals are serious business for most of us mothers here. Even here at Motherburg one of us (Donna) prefers a flat slide while Motherhood Musings' editor Erica just purchased the popular Worishofer. Both are comfortable yet completely different styles. When looking for a sandal take in account of what you will be doing this summer and what style of sandal will best serve your needs.

Summer Hat
Summer hats are obviously cool to shield sun, but we love them for they are a great way to go makeup free. Favorite styles are a fedora, boater a wide brim like a stampede are some of the most flattering hats for moms.


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