There is a new Diaper Bag in Town: The Original Swagroll

June 27, 2018

There is something about diaper bags that well, they can all look the same. We get it; there are specific functions one needs from their diaper bag which is why so many tend to look similar. This is why when we first laid eyes on The Original Swagroll we appreciated it for not looking like a diaper bag and when opened going way beyond the usual function of other diaper bags. 

Designed by fellow Brooklyn mama Bianca Reis who is also the founder and creative director of the hip kid's brand Agatha Cub, this mom of two babes is immersed in the world of what moms need. Made of a soft vegan leather that is water repellent and machine washable it is easy to get why we are simply obsessed which is we asked Bianca to share a bit more on herself and The Original Swagroll. 


MB: Tell us about yourself!

The Original Swagroll: My name is Bianca, and I am an Australian native who moved to Brooklyn 8 years ago. I am the mama to a kids clothing brand, Agatha Cub, a rambunctious two-year-old boy, a three-month-old baby girl and a 4-year-old dog. Crossing the threshold into motherhood has been life-changing for me, and you can find me sharing my motherhood journey, the highs, and the lows, on Instagram.

MB: What do you love about living in Brooklyn?

The Original Swagroll: I love that we have the excitement of New York City right at our doorstep but still get to live in a close-knit neighborhood. My favorite part though is that everything is walkable, we don't have a car, but everything we need is so close!

MB: What made you design The Original Swagroll ?

The Original Swagroll: It all started in a conversation with my pregnant sister in 2010. She needed a compact and travel-friendly diaper bag that held everything she needed for a day or weekend trip. It needed to be organized and easily accessible, as well as small enough to fit into her favorite handbag. The handbag that she didn't want to give up simply because she was now a mama! In the last 8 years, we have refined the design, and it's functionality, even testing a beta model, and listening to feedback from real mamas. We are now putting it to the final test to see if there is support in the community to bring it to life!

MB: We love it! How does it work?

The Original Swagroll: There are two ways you can use it. Unzip the quick-draw compartment at the bottom for your go-to items like wet wipes and diapers. Or unroll the whole bag and hang it on the restroom door to access all 9 pockets, holding everything from extra clothes, burp cloths, and pacifiers to dirty diapers when you can't find a bin! The bag has adjustable buckles and magnets, and each pocket expands individually to fit more of what you need. The best part is that everything is exactly where you left it, so there is no rummaging required! You can fit it in your favorite medium sized handbag or use the detachable shoulder strap to wear it as a messenger bag. It folds down to 10" x 8" and weighs under a pound. It is so small and compact; your friends won't even know it's a diaper bag!

MB: Where can we buy this cool bag?

The Original Swagroll:
Support us now on Kickstarter, and you can get this diaper bag for $55 for the first 48 hours or $65 for the remainder of the campaign (it will retail for $90!). We are also offering a limited edition diaper wallet for those mamas with bigger kids who need something even more compact as well as newborn gifts sets for the perfect baby shower gift.


Photo credit (Photo on landing page): Luke Abby

Still Product Photos: Bianca Reis

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