Clare V in Cobble Hill, the stylish mother's dream store.

March 28, 2018


There is a specialness about living in Brooklyn that has a vibe that speaks to my Californian roots. The creative juices that run through Brooklyn especially the designers who open their studios or stores are unique and in their way setting style tones that many follow. Many of these designers are a melting pot of people from all over the world, some who make their home here while others travel through sharing their talents and wares.

Of course, this is not to say that my hometown of California lacks a creative vibe. Quite the contrary. I've always wished I could somehow have some of my favorite stores move over to this coast. Thankfully, this has happened with one of my very favorite designers, Clare Vivier. When I would go home to California and visit her Clare V Silver Lake location I would swoon over her gorgeous bags and say adieu until my next visit. She was right up there with In-N-Out Burger (this is another post) on my list of wish they lived on the East Coast, please.
Like most style stalkers I follow Clare V's every move on their Instagram feed and when a Brooklyn store in Cobble Hill was announced to be opening, next door I may say to one of my favorite gallery's Invisible Dog, I was in pure joy. I love this line for I am impressed by this mother's talent for designing and carrying a line that has a caring and dedication for women woven into her pieces. With partnerships with fellow cool designers and organizations such as Every Mother Counts, this is a line I like incorporating into my wardrobe.

I recently visited the Cobble Hill Store at 57 Bergen Street (G train mamas) and also ask Clare for a few insights of how she ended up in this little nook in Brooklyn and to share some of her favorites with Motherburg.


What made you decide to open Clare V here in Brooklyn?
I've always loved the sweet neighborhoods of Brooklyn and knew that our store would thrive here. There are so many young families who both know our store for their go-to for gifts, and those that have yet to discover us, that it's fun becoming a destination. We're also on a dreamy little stretch of Bergen, with neighbors like Aesop and Warby Parker, so it was hard to turn the opportunity down.

It may be hard to list favorites but what bags would you say is a great bag for a mom on the go?
A bag that we've found moms really gravitate toward is our Simple Tote. It's quite roomy, but still structured and allows you to carry just about everything you need for all day and into the night—which is especially ideal for all you NY ladies. A newer hit has been our Marcelle Backpack, which is something fun and modern. It's a more streamlined backpack shape that still holds a lot of structure, but it's modern and allows you to be hands-free, too.

What bag are you currently carrying?
I'm constantly switching it up, but right now it's the Colette. This bag is brilliant for a woman on the go because it has internal compartments that eliminate the need for a bulky wallet. It's kind of a 2-in-1 deal, which is something people are immediately drawn to.

What are some of your favorite spots (to eat/drink) in Brooklyn?
June Brooklyn is a great place to have an afterwork bite to eat.
61 Local is my favorite place when I’m at the store to have lunch because it’s next door.
Risbo on Flatbush Avenue is a true favorite French/American rotisserie - I wish I could go all the time.
Bozu Japanese in Williamsburg.

Visit CLARE V. COBBLE HILL at 57 Bergen Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

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