5 Baby Musts for Registry or Gifts

March 31, 2014

1. Carter’s onesies - I tried other brands.  They weren’t as soft, or as durable in the wash as the Carter’s.  They are sized really well.  And a onesie is a year round must have - as a layer in the winter and as a complete outfit in the summer.

2. Nowali cable knit moccasins - I loved these!  Warm, easy to put on, look adorable.  Great first walking shoes, or great to keep toes warm for pre-walkers.  I still use them for my kids as slippers.  Durable and cute.  

3. Aden + Anais muslin swaddle blankets - Soft.  Large.  Adorable prints.  I love this blankets!  Great for swaddling a newborn, covering a baby in a stroller while sleeping, and even a toddler can use one as a sheet.  I love the fabric, and the prints of these great blankets.    

4. Boon grass drying rack - This was my 3rd rack.  The first would tip over when I placed a bottle on one end (I used glass bottles, see below), the second was ok, but looked obnoxious on the counter and didn’t have enough spots for things.  Then I got this… first of all, it looks great - like a piece of art right next to the sink, second, it can hold bottles, nipples, collars, caps, pump accessories… it all just fits and works anywhere - no special place to put things, just plop them down and they all dry evenly.  

5. Lifefactory bottles - My first child was pretty much exclusively breastfed and I was cool with the occasional plastic bottle.  But, my second child never nursed (two long months of exclusively pumping for him before finally giving in and using formula) - I could literally feel the film on a plastic bottle.  I liked lifefactory because I love the look of them.  Cool.  Modern.  Great colors.  But the prices!  Oye.  So, I did try a less expensive glass bottle and it leaked all over.  Every time.  So, after a week, I broke down and bought one Lifefactory one.  And it was great.  No leaks.  Looked great.  So, I purchased a few more.  What I also love most about these bottles is that they can grow with you.  They sell a sippy cap and they sell solid caps (I even use them on occasion with a solid cap and just drink from the bottle).  A great investment.  

Erica Young has a MA in Early Childhood Education from New York University. She is currently a stay at home mom to a 4 year old pony loving ballerina and a 2 year old metrocard holding bus driver.