Tips for traveling with kids

July 26, 2013

We are getting ready to go on a road trip so you'll be seeing some posts pertaining to traveling since It is always been a challenge with my boy. We have tried everything, giving in with treats, bribery with toys, anything to not have our fellow passengers hate us. Since we are doing an actual road trip the only people who he'll be torturing is family and we're willing to take the hit however I am determine to take in some of tips for maybe, just maybe we'll have a great road-trip experience.

Here are some great tips I found on  from a few parent experts:

David Robert Hogg

Publisher of Samkip Hotel Guides for Families

My number one transportation trick is Make It Fun. Travel should be exciting, interesting, unique, and maybe even a little challenging. Don't put the emphasis on making it easy. Put the emphasis on making it memorable. Don't wake up on the day of a flight and say, "Oh jeez, how are we going to get through today?" Think: "We're going to have fun today, let's make this awesome." Watching movies on iPads and laptops is no way to make any day unique and memorable.

Amie O’Shaughnessy

Founder and Editor of Ciao Bambino

Flight: New entertainment (books, toys, movies) that can only be accessed on the plane helps ensure the ride will be a treat instead of a chore.

Car ride: Listening to audio books is a wonderful way to pass time together as a family on the road.

Cruises: Cruises offer an endless supply of sugary treats to guests. To avoid the inevitable pleading for sweets, set expectations ahead of time around consumption times.

Deborah Dubrow

Founder of Delicious Baby (and contributor)

Flight: In the hustle to get out the door, it’s easy to forget that kids need to move. Take them to the park, break out the Xbox, or have a jumping contest, but by all means get those jiggles out before you get on the plane.

Car ride: Pack each child a busy bag complete with a water bottle and a few snacks. Having control helps most kids keep going in the car a little bit longer.

Eileen Ogintz

Creator of Taking the Kids and syndicated columnist

Flight: Buy a seat for baby and use your safety seat! FAA says it is safer in turbulent skies; You will also be more comfortable.

Car ride: Let the kids help plan the route with stops for a picnic or places to see something fun along the way.

Cruise: Use a travel agent who is a cruise expert and can help you choose the right ship for your family. The Cruise Lines International Association can help you find one.

Kim-Marie Evans

Founder and editor of Luxury Travel Mom

Flight: Fly at a time when they aren't likely to be cranky. Middle of the day is the best time to travel with kids. Never take the last flight of the day, it is almost always delayed, and flying at night is a surefire recipe for cranky kids—and stressed-out parents.

Car ride: The opposite of flying, long car rides are best done when children are sleeping. I got this advice from Barbara Bush; she would start her road trips in the wee hours with sleeping children, drive until they were all exhausted mid-day and then throw them in the pool at the motel. We drive 14 hours between Connecticut and South Carolina every summer and have had great luck with her advice.

Cruise: Book a Disney cruise. We were skeptical, my husband (who never likes anything), my teens, tweens and little ones all loved the Disney cruise. (Disclosure: We paid full boat (ha ha) for our cruise—not even a free set of ears.)



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