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It's hot out there if you're not running out to the pool or in a cool shaded area try.... 

Going to the movies, Ice Age Collision Course is out.

The Whitney has Open Studio for families at the Hearst Artspace.

Visit the Library.

Good To Know

Whole Foods opens in the Brooklyn Williamsburg Neighborhood Tuesday, July 26, Whole Foods in Brooklyn is spreading the love to Brooklyn Public Library. 5% of the day's sales at both the Gowanus and Williamsburg stores will benefit our eco-learning programs before the 2018 opening of the Greenpoint Library and Environmental Education Center.


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Summer Lessons (how to keep the kids interest in learning when school's out...)July 21 2016, 0 Comments


By now you may have settled into a summer routine. This often leaves parents with a kaleidoscope of thoughts: how to fill up all those free days since with a little under  two months to go? With this heat wave we've been having have you been stuck in doors? Whether it's heat or a sudden rain downpour or just plain boredom it leads to the opportunity to deal with summer brain. What can a parent do to keep the kids from forgetting things they just learned?

Whether your kid/s are ar summer camp, at home, or with relatives, here are some tips to maintain those skills learned throughout this school year.

1.  Keep reading.  I cannot stress this enough. Reading really is fundamental. If your child doesn’t already have a library card, get one this summer. Continue reading children’s books. Try to read books that your children can connect to their own summer experiences.

A resource for summer books

Great resource for readin

2.  Check out some new websites.  Around this time of year, I often help families clear out some apps on their tablets/iPads. I remove old games, organize the screens and add new apps. This way their children are exposed to new games and websites.  Take a few minutes one night and really look at + clean up the apps and bookmarks on your tablet.

Here are some websites + apps worth looking at this summer:

Curious George Day at the Beach 

Elmo’s Dress Up Time

Caillou Search and Count

3.  Build a new routine. Often at the end of these long summer days, kids can be exhausted. So bath time or story time might get shortened or scrapped altogether. Try to build a new summer routine. Look at a calendar at breakfast to go over what day it is, talk about what happened yesterday, what might happen today. Or everyday while applying sunscreen, guess what they might do at the playground or eat at snack.

Have a pad of paper nearby and draw one thing your child thinks they MIGHT do that day (or might play, or might see, etc). The key here is doing something similar each morning or afternoon when your child has the energy and interest. Keep it playful.  Focus on predicting/guessing what might happen. This helps broaden kids’ imagination and gives them space to share their own ideas.

4. Lastly, for those kids that were going to speech therapy during the school year but don’t have lessons over the summer: choose 1 thing they were practicing and keep at it. For instance if they were working on saying a specific sound (like ‘k’ or ‘d’), then while reading or while walking, point out things with that sound. Don’t spend too much time on your child saying it back  (if they do great, if they don’t, that’s okay too) - use summer as a time to keep that awareness up without the pressure to perform. Think about summer as a time to expose them and remind them of  their speech goals (“Oh you saw a dog. Dog has your dah sound. Remember you practiced “dah” with Vanessa, etc).

Hope your summer is full of sunshine and curiosity. As always, thanks for reading. Till the next post, take care.

Vanessa D’Auria is a licensed speech-language pathologist providing home-based services in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. For more information about Vanessa, visit speechtherapyvanessadauria.com or to ask speech/language questions, email directly at speechtherapynyc@gmail.com.


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7 Perfect pieces for mom.July 18 2016, 0 Comments









There is nothing like a heat wave and dealing with whining children in the morning that forces me to rework my clothing to what I call the 5 minute wardrobe . Basically it involves easy to wear pieces that aren’t boring, require little maintenance (such as ironing) and can be thrown on in minutes and I’m out the door (with kids) looking presentable. Here are 7 pieces I want in my closet now.

I love this Zara stripe dress for it can be worn to work, throw on sandals for Saturday and paired with my gold heels for one of my hubby's art shows. I need my clothes to have many personalities; this is one of those perfect items that fit my life.

I am a bit obsessed with wearing a great tee with jeans and this tee hits the spot. This Clare V Tee for Every Mother Counts donates 100% to this charity who cause is to make pregnancy and childbirth for women everywhere.

An easy flat pouch is perfect for the diaper bag or day bag especially if you re like me and carry a large bag in the morning yet leave at your desk as you run about ad go about your day.

Although it’s in the 90’s this week in Brooklyn most moms I know, when shopping, look for pieces that will have lasting power from summer to the fall, which is why these espadrilles from Soludos are perfect for running around till late November.

Summer is still in full swing and this suit is a cool way to sport color blocking, which tricks the eye in all the right places causing a slimming effect.

Still loving the jumpsuit for the mother…I personally am wearing 3 this summer that have been in heavy rotation. I throw dressier shoes on when I go to work appointments and wear the most basic flip-flops come weekends. Chambray Cutout Jumpsuit via Madewell .

There are some sweet pieces popping up in the stores right now that have this gold metallic threading woven into the material making for some pretty pieces such as this dress by ÉTOILE ISABEL MARANT. I would wear this now with my huarache sandals and later with a more chunkier motorcycle boot.


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