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I recently was talking to a dear friend I hadn’t seen in some time, we are both mothers but our friendship precedes our children. She is truly a gem of a person, while we were both mid sentence two moms just popped right into the conversation-took it over and proceeded to ignore me. Not an excuse us. We love her too…no hello my name is X and X, nada just chit chatty away until I walked away for what was the point? They weren’t leaving .

That scene has made me think how certain social situations as mothers can feel so much like high school. Luckily, I had a pretty strong sense of my self in high school, and even now as an adult I can quickly recover from a snub but I do admit it can sting a bit especially if I am tired and a bit sensitive.  But for every jerky mom (sorry new mamas they do exist) situation I run into there are at least a handful of moms I’ve met that I connect with, maybe it has been a mother to mother smile at the park, or a nod to a when our kids have been in the midst of a tantrum. I’m grateful for these ladies for they help me to see the comedy when I do run into an awkward moment with a fellow mother and like my side pony- tail, frosted lips 16 year old self -I just shake off that negativity and make my way to my friends.


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6 spring musts in my closet...March 23 2015, 0 Comments

Ready or not I am embracing spring or I am at the least going to try. Working with what mother nature gives us I am already mixing in lighter colors into my winter wardrobe. It snowed last Friday and I had an entire white outfit on with a puffer coat over-I even got a few thumbs up from weather weary New Yorkers. Here are a few of my springs musts:

Letterman jackets are one of my favorite pieces out there for they are perfect for the finicky weather we are having. This Mother Letterman Jacket came out late winter but if you live the East Coast or any cold weather climate you can wear it (with our weather luck) till May. This jacket sold out fast, you can find here and here but also there are so many other great styles out there. 

Lightweight scarf I love pairing these beach-y type scarves with transitional pieces. They're a stylish way to get out of a winter rut yet still be warm and cozy. Scarf pictured will be available late spring at Echo Design, similar one here

Spring like nail polish I'm not quite ready for neon pink polish however this NARS salmon/pink polish is perfect for the grey's and navy's I (and perhaps you?) are still wearing.

Light color booties these Classic Newbury Rag & Bone boots are perfect for weather that is feeling anything but spring yet will instantly brighten up a dark palette. However come warmer weather I'll still be sporting them!

Pretty phone case This iPhone case from Rifle Paper Co. is the perfect item to say boo to bad weather and brighten up the day. 

White jeans This hue is perfect to wear now even when it's chilly outside. I wear white jeans year round as I have mentioned frequently here. Now that it is  spring I'm still wearing with my dark sweaters. Lightens the outfit up yet warmth is not loss.


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Happy Weekend. And Spring.March 20 2015, 0 Comments

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