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What a busy week! Hope everyone had a lovely Sedar, have a wonderful Easter or just a plain great weekend! If you missed it Erica wrote a nice traveling essentials post, we have a nice roundup of cool ways to decorate eggs. If you are a brooklyn mom please check out this very simple and new blog a few moms and myself started in order to get our fellow moms working and working with their schedule.

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If you're going to be in town next Saturday, RSVP for this FREE event at Brooklyn Bowl hosted by American Express. You must have tickets to attend. Click here to get them!

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WPK has a nice roundup of Greenpoint and Williamsburg Egg Hunts. Tip: I learned this the hard way. Bring extra eggs if you can. The first year we did an egg hunt we didn't get one egg except for the eggs I hid in my bag. Older kids (those little rascals) are quite the vicious egg hunters and will collect as many eggs as they can manage. Screaming babies and toddlers do not tug at their heart strings so have a secret stash and while your child isn't looking hide them and they'll never know. I did this last year and everyone was happy especially my little egg hunter.

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5 items that make car travel easier!April 18 2014, 0 Comments

With many of you traveling this weekend and summer around the corner, many families will hit the road in their cars this year.  With my parents living 3 hours away from us, my kids are somewhat used to a road trip.  I have a few toys that we keep in the car, so on these trips, even though the toys aren’t new and shiny, they are hardly played with, so the kids are excited. Here are a few of our favorite items for the car:

1. A doodle board - I started out buying cheaper, smaller versions, and they broke.  So, I splurged and got a nicer one.  I love this Fisher Price one - it is travel sized, and is perfect to hold on small laps.  To eliminate fighting, I got two.  My kids draw pictures, practice writing letters, and their favorite is when I write letters/numbers/shapes for them to name.   

2. vtech ABC text & go - I am not a huge fan of toys that make noise in the house.  So, we keep them in the car. Both of my kids have this and I like it - it is interactive, has a few different letter and number games - words that start with each letter, guessing which letter comes at the beginning of a word, counting, etc.

3. A water bottle - I like the safe sporter water bottle - I love that it is stainless steel, it keeps drinks cold, and, a feature my kids love is the colorful silicon grip.  We have had issues with other stainless steel cups and my kids not wanting to hold them because they were too cold.  This cup was the perfect solution.  I also like the wide mouth, so it is easy to add a regular ice cube if needed.  And, because no one wants a spill in the car, the sport top is perfect!

4. Zutano blankets - My husband likes to have the a/c on high, so sometimes the kids get cold, or just like to cuddle with a blanket.  So, I keep a blanket for each ready to go.  I like the zutano ones because they are warm and thick, but aren’t too heavy and bulky.  The fun patterns are hard to resist!  

5. Lastly, a couple of books.  Again, we have a stash of books that we keep in the car, so they are ‘new’ because they aren’t looked at every day, but I will also grab another 2-3 per kid on a topic or theme that they are into at the moment.  

Where does all this stuff go?  I looked into ‘car organizers’ and thought they were too expensive - a cheaper option was to purchase a cleaning caddy - it perfectly holds toys and books.

 Safe travels!

Erica Young has a MA in Early Childhood Education from New York University. She is currently a stay at home mom to a 4 year old pony loving ballerina and a 2 year old metrocard holding bus driver.



Erica Young has a MA in Early Childhood Education from New York University. She is currently a stay at home mom to a 4 year old pony loving ballerina and a 2 year old metrocard holding bus driver.

DIY: 5 Fun & Creative Easter EggsApril 15 2014, 0 Comments


Metallic and Washi Tape via Miss Renaissance

Black & White with Black Sharpie via Obviously Sweet


 Ikat with White Marker via Trendenser

Sharpie Easter Egg via Waiting For Martha

Gold Leaf Eggs via Little Inspiration

There is nothing like the old fashion technique of dip dying the eggs, check out PASS 's cool website for tips when using their kits. For those parents who's inner Piccasso comes out during egg decorating here are 5 of my favorites!

*Want to natural dye eggs? Great tips here from Your Homebased Mom.






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