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How I missed that there is no school this coming Monday (Chinese Lunar New Year's) is still a mystery to moi. Some form of denial? Perhaps I ignored the fact that there have been a lot of days off this school year?  The good news is the kids are happy for the day off  and although many spots will be closed... fun hubs like The Brooklyn Childrens Museum  will be celebrating the Chinese New Year starting Saturday through Monday. And although closed this Monday Brooklyn Botantic Gardens will be open next Monday, Presidents Day which is free since it is part of the winter free during weekdays program. 

A few things coming up....


Stitched Valentines Presented by Greenpoint Hand Skills Saturday, February 6, 2016 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm at Greenpoint Library

This Sunday

Next Saturday


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Photo: Whitney Museum

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Many moms know how tough mornings can be.  My two older children were
never the up at 6am kids.  They are more night owls, sleep later
kind of kids.  So, getting up for school has been a struggle since my
older daughter started pre-kindergarten.  We were always rushing.  No
amount of prior planning the night before seemed to help us.  There
were last minute outfit changes, a misplaced shoe.  A weather change
that required a heavier coat or an umbrella.  But, we plugged away and
usually slid in just on time.

This year, it will be easier, at least that is what I told myself.
Two kids.  One school.  Much easier.  Throw in a newborn, and I am
pretty impressed with myself.  I am waking up earlier than I want to,
but, we have even been early a few times (gasp!)

While I am super proud of myself and the big kids for getting our act
together, I long for the days when me and my two littles hung around -
my daughter playing while I fed my son.  No rush.  I could adhere to a
nap schedule because we literally didn't have to leave the house.  But
now, my sweet babe gets strapped to my chest and out the door we go.
Sometimes she falls asleep while I do last minute prepping with the
big kids, and I carefully lift her, praying she will stay asleep while
I transfer her to my chest.  I am thinking I have a 50/50 success rate
at doing this.  And with parenting, I'm pretty satisfied with that
rate. Ha!  The days I disturb her I wish we could just all stay home
and read books and play with toys.  The days she stays asleep, I pat myself on the back for efficient parenting and managing three children. And, while I wish I could lay around all day with a newborn, with three one has too tightened the routine. So off we go and a few bumps along the way won't slow me down.

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5 Valentine DIY's for class exchange.February 02 2016, 0 Comments


This past December, I had a major mom fail, I didn't do a holiday card exchange. My son came home with homemade and store made cards from all his classmates. I honestly didn't know the kids were exchanging but lesson learn. The kids are at a grade were they now exchange cards. Now with V-day coming up I am not going to send my boy to school card-less however if one thinks I have time to come up with some art-y concept for Valentine cards...um no. Thankfully, there are some great DIY's out there, many with free printable templates. There are also some great ideas out there that with enough visual inspiration you can pull something cool together. I'm still deciding what we are going to do, check out MB's pinterest February 12th to see what we found!


(Above Photo) Recycle outgrown zoon animals or hit the dollar store for this fun idea. Use cardboard boxes as the base, bakers string, red felt for hearts and  whole puncher. I have stamps at home hoever i not wanting to invest in a rubber stamp use a metallic sharpie. via The Blue Robin Cottage



This is cool if your kiddo is into astronuts. via Dandee Designs


 Perfect for school valentines via Relocated Living



I did these for my boy last year and they were a huge hit. via Design. Wash. Rince . Repeat


This is so easy, just print out the arrow and insert the pencil. via Muffin Grayson


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