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Like many busy moms, I tend to do most of my shopping online.  But, over the past two months I have discovered the biggest perk of having both kids in school - I can go shopping kid free! This means I can go into stores and actually try things on!  And talk to salespeople! And leisurely look around the racks! I have really been enjoying walking around the neighborhood and taking some time to relax and see what's new.

Over the next few weeks I want to share some great stores, right here in Northern Brooklyn, to all of our readers.

I recently had the opportunity to stop at Violet Pepper owed by fellow mother Jade, the owner, happens to be a neighbor of mine and I love supporting a locally owned business. Since I know several pregnant ladies, I thought it would be fun to check out some great transitional pieces.

Here is what Jade and I came up with:

For pregnant mamas not ready to shop maternity: Check out The Twiggy Dress.  At $120 it is an investment - but you could wear this dress so many ways, it is worth it!  Dress it up with a scarf or a statement necklace.  Or, you can pair it with some comfy tights on the quickly approaching cool nights.  The best feature of this dress is that it is long enough to grow with your bump!  (I also think it would make a great postpartum piece when you aren't quite ready to slip into your old clothes....)

For breastfeeding mamas: I remember when I was a nursing mama, I loved the practicality of nursing tops, but was always excited when I could find a top that was a bit more chic and not screaming nursing top, yet still functioned as one.  The Henley Top ($58) is a soft, woven top that features 4 buttons that will ensure you don't need to be uncomfortable while nursing your little one.  This is also a great blouse for working mamas who need to pump - again, easy access for the pump while still looking fashionable in the office.  (Full disclosure - while I am not currently a nursing mama, I loved this blouse so much I bought one for myself!)


For the post-natal mamas: All mamas have been there post-baby.... we want to look nice, we want to ditch the maternity tops, but alas, our pre-baby tops don't exactly work.... Enter the Salty Cupro Jersey Tee ($68).  This top is super soft, and with the oversize look of it, it will look great with leggings or some skinny jeans.  It buys us a few extra walks around the park before fitting into our already-owned-stuffed-in-the-back-of-the-closet-pre-baby-tops. 

These are just three pieces, but go through the racks and I think any lady can find something that works for them. Violet Pepper has a beautiful selection.  If you are looking for a time when you can stop in, check this out.....

Violet Pepper is hosting a Mama's Night Out from 8pm-10pm on Friday, October 24th.  Shoppers will enjoy 15% off their entire purchase.  The event will feature the new collection from local jeweler, Winden (  There will also be wine, along with cheese from Greenpoint Meat + Cheese.    

688 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Monday thru Saturday 12-8

Sunday 12-7



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Happy Weekend.October 17 2014, 0 Comments


It is Indian Summer (sort of) here, I haven't worn a coat in days but nevertheless we have some fall celebrations happening here and coming up!

Still wondering when the leaves are going to change in Central Park? Their best advice is to follow them on Instagram and they will let us know as soon as they feel the park has reached peak color!

To Do:

Saturday October 18th at 10am, the McGolrick Park Neighborhood Alliance will be presenting certificates to local officials who have appropriated $1.3 million to build a new playground in the park.  Following the presentation, area residents and officials will plant 1,000 daffodil bulbs in the gardens to improve the park.  Come with your family to celebrate this important milestone in our community!


Coming Up:

  • Join Klub 4 Kidz for a three hour drop off pajama party on Friday, October 24th. Includes free play, dinner, arts and crafts, story time, dance time, movie time and so much more! 6:30pm-9:30pm Ages 2-6. $45 one child. $25 siblings. Additional $5 per child entrance fee paid separately
  • The East River State Park 2014 FALL FESTIVAL. Sunday October 26th, 10AM-2PM Pumpkins, Music, Food, Family Activities, FUN! FREE! FREE! FREE 
  • Town Square's Nov 1st Greenpoint Parade 1 PM Costumed Parade at Noble Street between Franklin & West Streets, Brooklyn
  • November 1st is Brooklyn Baby Fest (includes childcare and Halloween parade)!

 Worth The Read:


Easy DIY RobotOctober 16 2014, 0 Comments



What you need:

  • Foil Tape (I only needed one roll but bought two. I found the tape at the dollar store as it was pretty expensive online.)
  • Sticker dots from the store
  • Gorilla Glue (this glue is super strong and kept everything together.)
  • Slinky ( I bought one online for just a few dollars).
  • Glow sticks ( we had some left over from a birthday party but they are easy to fond at toy stores and online).
  • Shiny pants ( I could only find online American Apparel).
  • Google photos /illustrations of scientific dials and print out. Here is an example.

My husband and I made this robot costume for the boy last year. I include my husband for when you are married to an artist they take over anything creative. Fun, fun. Many DIY costumes suggest silver funnels which can be purchased at hardware stores as well as silver paint. These are all great however my son needed to wear the costume at school and with funnels on his arms he wasn't going to move much. The spray-paint although a really cool effect was just a bit too chemical for us. Living in an apartment it's tough to spray something so potent. I asked two of my lifestyle editor friends for advice and both had made robot costumes for magazine shoots and gave me a simple DIY tutorial. My son loved his costume and it was easy to make. 

MB's how to's:

  • After making the base box, arms and hat which was all pretty easy. We just cut up the cardboard and holes for the arms were cut out. Small box hat for the head. The arms were just taped together cardboard.
  • All of this was taped together with duck taped then after my husband got all the boxed together I used the taped to make the costume silver.
  • You really can place any of the robot buttons and 'equipment' where ever you choose.
  • My husband took recycle board from our pasta boxes and made two small boxes, and placed the printed dials on these.
  • The slinky, which cannot be seen in the picture, was placed at the bottom of the box.
  • I waited until morning to glue the glow sticks on the costume, as I wanted them to be in full glowing form. I have to say the sticks really made the costume, LED lights were also suggested but in the end we went with the glow sticks.
  • For underneath he wore a long sleeve white tee and his silver leggings, which really brought the whole thing together. 


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