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The Sporty/Athleisure look is having a huge comeback and this is a look that I predict will be a few seasons strong. Expect to see some serious 90’s styles especially in our neighborhood! I am going to skip the revival of the 90’s however, I will take advantage of wearing pieces that are simple yet stylish, and comfortable to boot.

Since I am always looking for looks I can throw on in muinutes I am fully taking advantage of this season and recommend adding a few of these to your wardrobe roatation. Here are 10 of my favs!


Stella McCartney Embroidered Jersey Sweatshirt via Net a Porter 

Airtex Peak Structured Cap via Topshop

Venice Art Destination T-Shirt via Jcrew

Caldwell Crop Trousers via Madewell

Marine Suede w/Glossy Red & Matte Cream Stripes via Clare V

Saucony Jazz O Denim 

Striped Dress with Frill via Zara

Crystalline  Zip Pouch via Madewell

PUMA FENTY Leadcat Faux Fur Slide Sandals via Bloomingdales

Jogging Trousers via Zara



Happy Weekend.August 20 2016, 0 Comments


Hope everyone is having a lovely summer. We are starting to pick up the pace (a bit) and although in a state of denial starting to post on BTS ...we start later then most states it seems and still have about 2 plus weeks to go. So please keep on visiting us as we touch on what mama needs to wear to get out of the house fast, getting the kids back on the school track, staying healthy and more!


Photo: Love this photo for it's Cali vibe which I am missing a lot these days. Lisa Says Gah 




25 Backpacks for the BTS Kid!August 15 2016, 0 Comments

Monster Eyes 1. Stella McCartney Red Rocket Backpack, 2.Purple Power Backpack Gap, 3. Jcrew Max The Monster Furry, 4. Striped Critter Monster Pottery Barn Kids

Purple Reign 5. Kane Downtown Backpack State, 6.  Fabric Text Backpack Zara 7. Kane Coney Island State 8. Hynes Eagle Chic Backpack Amazon


From a Galaxy Far...Far Away 9. Star Wars C-3P0 Backpack Kohl's 10. Spiked Galaxy Backpack Kohls, 11. Nova Constellation Backpack Walmart, 12. Milky Way Backpack Herschel

Blue Party 13. Herschel Settlement Backpack Kids in Chambray CrossHatch/BlackPolkADot 14. Trailmaker Backpack Amazon 15. Hero New York Backpack Kickstarter in Ocean 16. JanSport Ember Laptop Backpack Kohls

The Supers 17. Stella McCartney Bang Backpack 18. Yoobi x i am OTHER Backpack(mini bag) Target 19. Mackenzie Gray Comic Bag Pottery Barn 20.  Nail Head Snack Pop Backpack Walmart



 The Minis 21. There and Backpack Junior Hanna Anderson 22. Apple Park Backpack 23. Bunny Small School Bag Bobo Choses 24. Kids' kitty lunch box Jcrew 25. Wild Side Backpack (Bear) Land of Nod





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