Q&A Darling Clementine & Giveaway!

October 23, 2012

Darling Clementine is turning 1 on November 1st and we have a little q&a with Lindsay, the creative genius behind this popular site. Read below on the details on how they are celebrating by hosting a HUGE giveaway featuring tons of products from their favorite brands at a value of $600+ (that’s all for 1 lucky winner!)

MB: You were inspired to start Darling Clementine from your daughter, Juliette. I’ve worked for magazines such as Real Simple Family and Cookie (don’t you miss it?) and I have to say you have a great eye for the kids market. Did you have a background in this market or was something entirely new for you?

DC: First off, thank you for your kind words, I actually have NO experience in this area. I worked in advertising for a little while, but it wasn’t until I was tinkering around with the idea of opening a eco-lifestyle boutique about 5 years ago that I found myself leaning towards children’s clothing, toys, books etc. Once I found out I was pregnant it was a natural progression to focus on opening a children’s shop. While I may have shifted my shop focus, I try hard to maintain the values sustainable living when choosing my brands. It’s a core value I do my best to stick to.

MB: I really appreciate your price points. If I want to indulge, you have something there for me, if I am looking for something on a budget I feel that I also have many choices. Is this something deliberate? You seem to understand the chic mom….

DC: Yes, trust me, finding $100 children’s wear that is gorgeous is simple. It’s finding that $30 - $60 pieces that are gorgeous and timeless that is a bit harder. But it’s out there, and I’m constantly working to bring my customer special pieces that don’t break the bank. Juliette, my daughter has a closet filled with inexpensive basics and special pieces that we mix in daily. Nothing should ever be so spendy that I don’t want to put her in it. I learned early on as a Mom, let them wear the special pieces til they are threads. What’s the point in saving it in the closet? 

MB: Lastly, you are quite the pinterest ‘pinner’, I accidentally found you through another board pin- your boards are inspirational. I guess this is more then a declaration then a question, mine if I share your pinterest boards?

DC: No please do! I love Pinterest, I think it’s a brilliant concept. I am constantly inspired when I’m pinning, amazed at what is out there. In a business sense, it helps give me a fantastic gage of what is popular in children’s fashion, seeing a direct response to a few pinned photos of a new line of children’s clothing helps me navigate how to stock the shop. Plus it’s extremely addicting! You can follow along here http://pinterest.com/darlinglindsay/


Thank you so much girls!


The Giveaway Details:

Click here to find out all details on how to enter.  After entering the fabulous giveaway use this code dcturns1 for 10% off the entire shop through November 9th. Happy Shopping!

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