A walk down Grand Street

October 18, 2012

I was out and about all day yesterday, meeting with friends, doing errands and having work meetings! Since I was in Williamsburg without kids, I decided to do a bit of shopping at one of my favorite boutiques - POP. Since I started at Kent and Grand I got to walk all down the street and I gotta say Grand is hopping! All sorts of great new stores and fabulous finds! I got so wrapped up, I almost missed my afternoon appointment. Here are some of my favorite Grand Street finds: 

Sprout - The cool and well designed gardening store is also a great place to find a unique kids gift (I picked one up myself!). Plus they have materials to make terrariums and classes. 

Choplet - This pottery and ceramics studio is awesome. I’m sure I’ve mentioned Nadine before but the pottery classes for adults and kids are not to be missed! 

Skinny Skinny - Organic, natural and cruelty free soaps, lotions, candles, makeup and kids products and make up- I love this shop for holiday gifts. 

Suckers - The new kid on the block (or rather just off the block-Grand at Roebling) this candy shop offers walls and walls of candy just like an old fashion soda shop. They also do kids party favor bags and business baskets. Doesn’t everyone have a sweet tooth or a favorite candy? 

Bird River Studios - I didn’t get to go in as they were closed but I remember the space. Used to be a cool bar… back when I got out more. But I’m excited at the classes: toddler art, weekend art classes and after school! All much needed stuff! 

WMAAC - I.E. Williamsburg Movement and Arts Center is such a great place for moms and kids alike. Lakey Evans, the owner and primary teacher is so awesome! The space is great for classes but also for birthday parties! 

And obviously there are TONS of great places on Grand like Bird, Bozu, Paul Smith outlet & Le Comptoir so it was very hard choosing just a few! 

Photos: My own & Skinny Skinny’s