Eagles! Ghosts! Football and Halloween cooking projects!

October 10, 2012

Aren’t these sweet? This was a little project my sister did with my daughter one Saturday while Daddy and I were working. The project was intended to be some sort of football jab - He’s a Giants fan, she’s an Eagles fan and they were playing against each other that evening. As irritating as it was to my husband, my daughter had a blast not only making them but eating them! Super easy too: Melt white chocolate in a double broiler. With a stick, dip a large marshmellow in the chocolate and then quickly roll in coconut, put 2 chocolate chips in for eyes and a cashew for its beak! 


I saw this project last night and knew instantly I was going to make these for my daughters Halloween party!Nutritious, easy and I’m sure delicious! 

Cut banana in 3 parts, put a skewer stick in one end and dip in yogurt, then roll or sprinkle coconut on and place chocolate chips (or raisins) on for eyes and freeze for 1-2 hours! The skewer should be on the ghosts head so its easy to grab. 

Picture: Eagles- Mine
Ghosts and recipe: Cold And Sleepy Cooks