Tuesday Blog Crush, Stork Bites Man

October 09, 2012

I had been searching for a blog written from a father’s perspective for a few months. Not sure what exactly I wanted from a dad blog I just knew I wanted to love it. Somehow I ended up finding Stork Bites Man. I have no idea if author Andy Beach is a stay at home dad however perhaps he is an artist or writer for his blog is so in touch with the artist community. He also bakes cupcakes for his daughter’s birthday, post on everything from funny posts to videos on cool people as well as a great finds such as a Japanese kids backpack that I had never heard of. It is unique and eclectic and I find myself writing what I often say/write when I cannot quite do a person justice with my my words which is check it out and see why I am crushing on Stork Bites Man .

Photo, Robert Rauschenberg via Stork Bites Man