Tips for Morning Sickness

October 08, 2012

My sister in law has been having the worst morning sickness. I feel badly for her for I know how hard it can be to work and go about your day when you feel horrible. I know my morning sickness lasted until month 6 while I had friends who skated through their pregnancies without any sickness while others had to be prescribed medication to get through the day. For most the morning sickness will subside at 14 to 16 weeks. Here are some helpful tips to help you through those nauseous months, the plus is they are all natural.

Natural & Drug Free Recommendations

Anything with ginger! Ginger if you didn’t know is an herb that helps soothe the digestive system. Items such as:

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Morning Wellness Tea – Organic herbal tea for queasy mamas

Yogi Organic Ginger Aid Tea

Ginger Capsules

Ginger Chews - try to avoid too much sugar but having these handy in your purse can be a life saver

Ginger Ale – try to find Ginger Ale with real ginger and no high fructose corn syrup

Other Products:

Organic Preggie Pops or Drops - again try to avoid eating too much sugar but sucking on these for quick relief while you’re on the go are great!

Nutri-West Ortho Phosphoric Acid Drops- 60 cc

Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal Vitamin – a natural, food based prenatal vitamin which you can find at a natural food store like Whole Foods

Eat. Drink. – It is important when you’re pregnant to eat small snacks every 2-3 hours so you never let yourself get hungry and keep yourself hydrated (water is best) as this can cause nausea too!

Crackers – when waking up in the AM sitting up for a few minutes and eating a cracker can help settle your nausea

Non-Food Products & Acupuncture

Happy Mama Spray - is virtual bliss in a bottle! A gloriously uplifting aromatherapy spray, it’s made only with pure essential oils and flower essences.

Bio Bands or Motion Sickness Bands (Sea Bands)

Tips via Its A Belly

Photo via the freedom experiment