Chic Mama, show me some sneaker love...

October 08, 2012

I mentioned a few weeks back that I was a bit obsessed over a certain high top sneaker. I have gone from just a bit obsessed to full must have a sneaker  mode. I am even going to deem it the new mom shoe, at least in our neighborhood! Really I am just needing a good walking shoe that isn’t dressy or flip flops. Most of my shoes are work shoes and although the No.6 clog boot has been my non working shoe I need something with some support. This is my defense (I’m sticking to it!) and perhaps I have been swayed by pretty people in chic sneakers however if you buy one in a neutral at least you are not a total slave to the color -sneaker trend. Right?!

1.Superga Gold Sneaker

2. Pour La Victoire Heidi Animal Print High Top

3. Pour La Victoire Victoire Sport

4. Topshop Trace Lace-up Runners