Organic Lotions I'm loving...

October 05, 2012

Both my son and husband have sensitive skin. Although I have been buying organic, some of the brands were still leaving them with itchy skins or rashes. When I asked my co-worker from the Beauty Department, who is a strict paraben free user no chemicals person, she told me why. She explained that although products may be organic a person can still be allergic to an ingredient which often  can be a herb or an oil from a plant. If people tend to be allergic to a certain herb then the chances are high that if its in their products they are going to have a not so positive reaction. Of course I am not a doctor and all skin is different. The best practice for sensitive skin is read the label, my co-worker suggest - if it reads like a chemistry formula then stay away from the product. I can write that I tested organic products for the last year and these were not only no reaction products to my family they didn’t leave residue and they lasted quite long.

Casa Ladd’s Picks:

1. Honest Face and Body Lotion

2. Little Twig Body Milk#mce_temp_url#

3. Josie Argan Body Balm (since it is not listed as a child product  I sparingly use this on my son, mostly on his cheeks as a balm for winter and it’s not cheap, want it to last)

4.  Say Yes To Carrots Nourishing Baby Lotion

5. Episencial Better Body Butter