Potty All The Time

October 01, 2012

We have recently hit some major milestones in the potty training arena. Jessica had come by my place a few weeks back and I told her of my struggles, she suggested that my son (and I hope future love interests never find this post) sit on a portable potty while he was watching TV, eating etc. I gasped at first , like “really while he is the living room?” Well it worked, that and straight up bribery of pieces of chocolate. Now he barely brings up chocolate and is so proud of himself. We also practice the naked strategy while I was home for a long weekend. I am so relived that we finally have gotten over this hump. I found a really great post on helpmegrow by Laurie Bowen about kids who take their sweet time learning to potty train, this is one of the best posts I have read on the subject and highly recemmend it or you can bug Jessica like I did!

Photo, Helpmegrow