Chic Mama does bling

October 01, 2012

A treasure trove of jewels awaits us this fall and I cannot think of a better way to dress up a basic look or add some texture to a printed dress or top. I have a tendancy to wear out a new jewel, like a favorite song that is played on repeat I like to get a lot out of what I see as an investment regardless if its $20 or $100. Take advantage, for I feel that a minimalist trend may be on its way next year which means the fun stuff  can be bought at all price ranges this season before they become a rare gem.

1. Tinley Road Rhinestone Paisley Earring

2. Jcrew Marquess Fleur Bracelet

3. Lulu Frost Rhinestone Earrings

4. Jcrew Cabochon Fan Earrings

5. Yochi Rhinestone and Orange Stone Flat Bib Necklace

6. Madewell Gypsystone Ring Set