Great Quotes: Diane Von Furstenberg

September 26, 2012

I’m a big DVF fan. I find her to be a special sort of lady; stylish and strong but when I read this quote, I knew I had to share. This is in essence THE key to having a great life with kids. When people talk about having it all, I think this is the lynchpin: 

Q: How do you balance being a good mother with such a big career?

A: I was always honest with my children. I always listen to their opinions. And I know you know this, but I think an important part of being a good mother is being true to yourself, because it makes you happier. I think that every mother should have a life outside of the home. It is so rewarding now to see my children with their children and to realize that maybe they did listen along the way.

Source: Goop