Chic Mama Beauty, gloss-bonaza...

September 25, 2012

Once Fall hits it is as Christmas is around the corner as stores seem to have holiday decorations up before Halloween is celebrated! 

The one positive of seeing all of this holiday overdrive is that fun makeup comes out around this time. I can easily be swayed to enter celebratory fever when it comes to pretty makeup and Tarte  has some great collection kits that have started to hit the Sephora stores. The for the love of lipgloss  above are part of a 15 piece set of maracuja glosses.  The best part is that the retail value is $120 but the box price is $32 which is why these holiday collections are worth taking advantage of for you not only get mass color options but value in a lot of bang for your buck. PDX Beautiful also did a review on these glosses, click here to see how the box looks.

Photo, Donna Ladd- Motherburg