Obaibi for Fall

September 19, 2012

When my daughter was born, we were flooded with THE most amazingly precious and well made French baby clothing ever. It was all from Obaibi. From sweet blouses to unisex rain coats, it was all perfect. 
Obaibi opened a New York branch a couple years ago and its awesome! From age 0-14 years, the clothing isn’t characteristically French (I.E. grey, faded pink, black, light blue and plain) instead if follows the French dictates of stylish and hip. Most of what I was given was handed down to a girlfriend and its still holding up fine. Best part about Obaibi is its reasonably priced; boutique quality but Zara pricing and they have great sales ;) 
I’m headed there tomorrow to get a jump on fall! Here are some of the pieces I’ve earmarked:

Sucker for anything with patches! 

With this top: 

And that shirt might just work with this skirt too… 

 And what half-Frenchie wouldn’t love a beret?

And these socks! 

All photos Obaibi

1296 Madison Avenue - Btw 92 & 93 Street