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September 18, 2012

One week into the school year and I am already nursing a head cold and C is starting to cough. This morning as I fed him breakfast I said “you, mommy and daddy” must eat super foods!” Screams of “ya” and “daddy -mommy” were answered back. We always try to eat healthy, of course, however I am very serious about incorporating super foods daily into our diet. Be it in sneaky purees that get poured into the pasta sauce or thrown into a morning smoothie. We do plan flu shots this year however if you are not a flu shot kind of family then super foods are always a great way to build your famalies immunity and hopefully stay healthy for the fall/winter season.


Blueberries may be small, but they pack a nutritional punch that makes them a good super food to keep kids healthy. These berries are full of antioxidants, which means they can help prevent heart disease and diabetes while improving brain function at the same time, reports Parenting Magazine. Incorporating blueberries into a child’s diet is as easy as throwing them on top of her cereal in the morning. They can also be baked into muffins, tossed with salads or blended with yogurt and frozen to create a healthy ice pop.

Sweet Potatoes

According to Family Education, sweet potatoes are kid friendly and versatile, making them a super food that many children will enjoy eating. They contain vitamin C, potassium and fiber, nutrients that fight off disease and promote a healthy digestive tract. Sweet potatoes can be served baked, roasted or steamed as a healthy snack or side dish. These orange vegetables are a good first food for babies just beginning to eat solid foods. They come in a jar or can be prepared at home. As children get older they can eat diced sweet potatoes as a finger food.


A kiwifruit contains fiber and vitamins C and E, making them a powerful tool against fighting heart disease, digestive issues and even cancer in children. According to Super Kids Nutrition, kiwifruits are also a good source of phytonutrients— substances that repair DNA—which is important to preventing the growth of many types of cancer. Kiwifruit have a brown, fuzzy skin that most kids don’t eat, but inside is a bright green and tart tasting fruit that many children enjoy eating. They can be served as a side dish, over yogurt or even in a salad.


Most parents of small children know the power of ketchup in getting their child to eat certain foods. Tomatoes, a main ingredient in ketchup, are a super food for children because they contain lycopene, a nutrient that protects a child from cancer, according to Parenting Magazine. Tomatoes are fairly simple to get kids to eat because they make up many of their favorite things, such as spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce and ketchup. Tomatoes can also be tossed in salads, layered on sandwiches or served as a side dish when diced up and lightly drizzled with salad dressing.

List of super foods via Livestrong

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