Chic Mama, the fall eclectic...

September 10, 2012

This fall in fashion the world is our oyster. Designers and brands were thinking out the box so take advantage and shake it up, even if it’s only a notch. Me? I so want the Isabel Marant high top sneaker but at $700 I can’t justify it since I cannot really wear them to work and they are a plane ticket! However I am open to some similar knock offs. Whatever your fall wish may be and if you wear it to the extreme or throw it with a pair of jeans, have fun, you deserve it.

1. Étoile Isabel Marant Zot Linen Tee

2. Topshop Cross Print Pant

3. Jcrew Blythe Pol A Dot Silk Shirt

4. Topshop Lime Lace Peplum Pencil Skirt

5. Jcrew Three Station Crystal and Bead Necklace

6. Topshop Aerobic Wedge Hi Tops

Photo, Tommy Ton via