Ah, the adventures in finding a sitter...Urban Sitter is here.

September 28, 2012

Working at a magazine has many advantages, I get to meet great resources which is why I was lucky to meet with a few of the mothers who are part of the Urban Sitter team. It was amazing to hear why they started Urban Sitter (they have kids, couldn’t find reliable sitters) and how they used their past business experience to build a network were a parent can go to find a sitter for both long-term, short or as a last minute resort. When I told them my frustration of online sitter resources and why I never even looked at Urban Sitter, they walked me through it and show me examples of how I could find someone reliable especially last minute which is when I tend to need a sitter. They explained how the social networking aspect of the site has so much to do with how when as parents we are looking for a sitter that has been entrusted with our precious goods in the past, seeing our friends/community using these recommend sitters helps us make our decision. Knowing that someone in our circle of friends has used this sitter really seals the deal. Think of Urban Sitter as an extremely smart group of people who started a business with the same concerns we have as parents, caring that it is helping us, making our lives easier and setting it up as a social networking/community tool like an online parents group. Sold. Sign me up!

Photo via Nylon Magazine