Partytime headband gift topper

September 19, 2012

Sweet uh? I met a nice momma in the park and when I noticed her daughter’s headband, I had to take a photo. Of course she made it; so many creative moms in this area!
After I took the photo, I thought it might be a cool ritual for my daughter to incorporate into birthday party goings OR better yet, make one for the special girl on her special day as a present topper! 

1 headband
1 pack of water balloons (or better yet you have some on hand)
Glue gun

Put glue on headband first wait a moment. Since the glue is so hot, if you do it right away, it melts the rubber. After 2 seconds, please balloons at will. You can be uniform or you can get crazy! The more texture and balloons the cooler! 

Attach to the top of whatever gift you bring! Take that Martha!