My child-friendly $65.97 chair

August 30, 2012

Pretty uh? We’ve had this chair for YEARS and I’ve never done squat with it! Its embarrassing. For years it was my dirty laundry/need to hang up chair but I put an end to that. I moved it into my sons room and gave it a make-over. 
Its full of all sorts of textures and colors and makes for the perfect reading chair. In fact, both of them can snuggle into it to read and often do.

Here’s break down for you:
Chair - JUNK on Driggs @ N. 9th - $10
Sheep skin & red velvet pillow from IKEA - $31.98
Mexican blanket - Brand new at Goodwill - $8.99 + $15 for dry cleaning
For a grand total of $65.97 

Not to shabby!!