THE Quesadilla

August 23, 2012

Thursday night often becomes quesadilla night at our house. Its such an easy, delicious and simple thing to throw together, I think every parent should have quesadilla night as part of their arsenal. 
You can really throw anything inside of them - I do. Our favorite combo is a crab cake quesadilla: frozen TJ’s crabcakes cooked with a spot cheese to melt it together. A bit of sliced avocado on top….perfection. 

Here are a few tips if you’re new to quesadilla making: 
1) Toast the tortillas. Makes the meal less soggy in the long run.
2) I use butter in the frying pan. I put half a pat down, then a tortilla, then cheese, then filling(s) then a spot more of cheese and another tortilla on top. I then put the remaining half of butter on top so when you flip it, that side gets some buttery goodness too.
3) We’ve really taken to plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Try it! Its great.
4) When I say anything- I mean it. We’ve done every sort of cheese, every sort of weird a** thing in our house. In fact, sometimes those have been the best ones yet.

Photo: Naturally Ella