My Brooklyn Baby + the magnatab

August 21, 2012

I’ve been trying to get to this Ft. Greene Shop - My Brooklyn Baby ever since I discovered it and it didn’t disappoint! Not only do they have a sweet selection of toys and all the essential baby gear, the store is very kid friendly. They’ve set up a snack station and kids table so kids can have a snack and play with some toys while Mommy shops. Why more stores don’t do this, I have no idea. Easily the best shopping experience I’ve had with a toddler! 
My Brooklyn Baby
692 Fulton Street
G to Fulton, short walk up the street

The toy that E LOVED was this Kid-O Magnatab A-Z. Essentially each letter has small metal balls that pop up when the pen with a magnet is traced over it. For a child eager to learn how to read & write her letters, this is perfect!

One more note about My Brooklyn Baby - Every Tuesday AM they host a free play date across the street at Habana Outpost. We’re planning on attending the day after Labor Day. Join us - should be quite an affair! 

Photo: My Brooklyn Baby