And now for a personal note...

August 20, 2012

We are shaking it up at the Glorieux residence. Our lovely nanny of 3+ years leaves on August 31 and I am officially taking over childcare for my little ones + running my new biz. I’m actually really really excited because this means I can do art projects, head to Manhattan for events and finally teach my children how to eat properly.

See we’re headed to Paris for Christmas with my in-laws and I just can’t have children on an iPad at dinnertime. Its embarrassing! I also would like them to comfortably try new foods and generally assimilate into the French manner of mealtime. PLUS- I need a freaking break. I hate the struggles and pleas at mealtiem. Soooo tiring. 
Donna graciously gave me a copy of French Kids Eat Everything and I’ve been reading it every chance I get! So far it makes total sense and I’m so excited about the future of eating with children. 
Are dinner struggles and iPads common place at your place too?  Maybe you’d like to order your own copy! 

Photo: French Kids Eat Everything