Worthy Lunch Snacks for School Lunches

August 13, 2012

For my son’s first year of lunches he seemed to only be happy with a rotating of 4 lunch menus. Ever picky, he has become more so and seems to not want any of these dishes. I have spent the last month test tasting some snacks on both my son and his cousins that I can put in his lunchbox come September. These snacks assure me he will eat something with some nutrition if he goes on a food strike with the remainder of his lunch that day. I am reserching new lunch options and will post on those soon. Meanwhile, here are my Motherburg snack recommendations, tested via casa Ladd.

  1. Plum Organics : Plum Organics sent me a package(thank you Plum P.R) of these Second Blends pouches that are a mix of veggies and fruit with Greek Yogurt. My son loved all flavors. All ingredients are organic and not made from concentrate.
  2. Little Duck Organics: I had never tried Little Duck, Jessica gave me a few packets and my son asks for bowl of these tasty fruits every day. The only dried fruit he usually eats  is dried mango so this is a big deal in the dried fruit snack department. A great and halthy alternative when on the go, packed lunches and when fresh fruit is nit desired.
  3. Yum Earth Organics Gummy Bears: Our dentist is not crazy for anything gummy however it has been hard to get my son to give a gummy snack up. We were buying a sugary less expensive version however those have come to an end and they have been replaced with these made with organic fruit juice gummys that are quite frankly yummy. A large bag has 10 packets. They are about $2 more then the cheapy’s at the store but worth every extra penny.
  4. Happy Time Veggie Pals: These were eaten in seconds. I tasted a few for I was worried they were filled with sugar since they were going so fast. Not the case, they are tasty with a balance mix of fruit and vegetable puree concentrates. Gluten free and all natural these will be in the lunch box come September.
  5.  365 Mixed Berry Cereal Bars: I use these more as a breakfast snack if resistance was met with defiance in the morning and we have to get out the door. I usually hand it over once we are on our way and without fail it is eaten before we hit the school.  It does have 18 grams of sugar so I skip any kind of fruit juice in the morning and makes sure there is plenty of protein in the lunch box.
  6. Bitsy’s Brainfood: I wasn’t sure how these snacks would go over with my picky taste tester but suprisly more of the Orange Chocolate Beet snack was requested immediately and has now become a staple in our pantry.
Original Post Donna Ladd, Motherburg