Gellin' with my at home gel manicue.

July 30, 2012

Six months back I had my first gel manicure and I became a believer that this was going to be the new mom manicure. I still believe it to be revolutionary for a mom who likes her nails to look pretty however I still haven’t had the time to get my nails done! I only have the weekends to do any kind of pampering and rather spend the time running around with the family. Solution found! The beauty editors at work gave me this at home kit which I used on Saturday during nap time and voila I have amazing nails! The kit by SensatioNail is $60 but if you have the time (and money) then I highly recommend it especially if you’re like me and hate running over to a nail salon.

Time wise it took me about 35 minutes. Each kit comes with one polish, extra polishes run about $12. I recommend this only if you have had gel manicures, this will help you to know if you are allergic to all the ingredients that are used in gel products. If you rather be pampered (and who can blame you?!) I still recommend primp and polish on Grand Street.