Chic Mama Mondays, maxi skirts moms can wear!

July 30, 2012

I often write about my obsession on maxi skirts and posted on one that I spotted at the Frolic concert not too far back. I seem to still have it on the brain and I am now officially stating that it is one of my favorite looks. What has helped me in determining this fashion statement? I recently went on vacation, the temperature was usually a hot 90 plus, you would think the women on the trip would live in shorts but come dinner time we all had on maxi skirts. They are surprisingly cool especially if the fabric is cotton and although a good one can be a bit pricey it is worth it since they can be worn all year round. I have maxis in both silk and cotton. I tend to wear my silk or synthetic fabrics for work since they do not wrinkle as much and look good after many hours at work. At this point its not hard to find a great maxi especially in our neighborhood, Jummelle and Bird usually have amazing options and American Apparel has some affordable skirts for the once a month maxi wearer. Long live the maxi!

White sleeveless Shirt

Love Sam Cotton Blend Maxi Skirt

Topshop Wrap Maxi Skirt

Above photo, Vogue Peter Lindberg