What to buy for birthday parties - year 2 & 3

July 20, 2012

Year 2 & 3 gift can overlap a bit. It will all depend on the child’s personality. For example my daughter could never be trusted with paint or markers but my friend Jenny’s daughter never had an issue. Her daughter was a little angel. 
So here are my picks for year 2 & 3

1) Teepee’s - Something about getting over that initial toddler-dom of year 1 brings a sense of independence and wanting to slip out of sight to play pretend or tell a story and teepees are fabulous little spaces to create for kids around that age. 
2) Puzzles - Any and all sorts of age appropriate puzzles are great fun for kids this age. They’ll feel so accomplished and the mom you buy the gift for will love it too. 
3) Rody’s - These awesome air-filled ride on toys are huge hits with kids this age. Great energy relief too for those wintery or rainy days!  
4) Play kitchens & accessories - Play kitchens are so great to have around kids this age; especially if they come with play food, dishes and pans. You’ll get plenty of milage out of them at this age
5) Train Sets - Great for boys and girls; a sort of combo play and puzzle toy in one. 

*All toys are available at ever-awesome Smoochie Baby! 
(Many thanks to Penelope for letting me photograph my wild ones in her lovely store!)

*Except the train set