Who to hire for parties

July 18, 2012

Some of the best parties are at a park where parents just bring in some simple entertainment. Its an easy and fun way to celebrate a birthday and here are our recommendations: 

1) Mario the Magician: This dude is amazing. Period. He’s funny & everyone will love him. Even grandma.
2) Absolute Party Entertainment: We hired these folks to do face painting and balloon animals for my daughters party last year and they were phenomenal. In addition to balloons and face painting, they also have a Circus Act, Juggler, Singing Telegram, Tarot Card Reader
3) Have a backyard? Petting zoo and/or pony rides are possible! Check out Pied Piper Pony Rides & Petting Zoo. No back yard? How about a Turtle show? Check this idea out - sooooo cute!
4) Carousel ride anyone? The Brooklyn Bridge Park Carousel does parties! Its easy to get to for everyone and easy to set up!
5) Music - Last but not least; music is always a great 1st or 2nd birthday party favorite. We’ve seen Paulie Z a few times at parties and he’s awesome! Other options are: The Fuzzy Lemons, The Dirty Sock Funtime Band and of course local momma Ofrit/Rug Bug!

Resoure page: Gig Masters is very helpful for booking entertainment + they have parent reviews which are always helpful! 

Photo: Behance