Horse Prints & art for the kids rooms...

July 16, 2012

I don’t think I have mentioned on MB my obsession with horses. I have shared the copy of a photo in the nursery back in the day. However I love them, I have to be careful to not have all things horse in my apartment (not enough room) so I only have a few sentimental pieces. I have been looking for a cool print, affordable art that I could put either by my desk area or on some wall space in our room that still feels playful and open since our room opens right to the boy’s. This site skart  has a great range of options mostly for the kids but there are a few prints that work regardless of age and they seem to be working on a big kids section which I am looking forward to. These prints are all done by screen printing so they offer a color chart if you have a specific hue in mind and are open to working with matching up to a color if you email them what you have in mind. I see some navy and gold horse prints in my future!

photo, skart