Time, Time, who's got the Time!

July 06, 2012

I’ve been in a major time overhaul. I’ve been taking an amazing course with Joanna Lindenbaum and one of the things we’ve been covering is time management. She gave us an exercise where we record our every move for a week to see where the biggest drain on our time is. Mine are ALL over the place. Not just Facebook, but other online ventures and general disorganization, not writing anything down.
So I wanted to share a few things that have improved my time management TREMENDOUSLY! If you implemented these in your life, you will be amazed at what you get done.

1) Sort your email before you even read it. Really.
I subscribe to a lot of newsletters and I love love to pour over their info but I want to be in charge of WHEN I pour over them and the temptation to open and read them is too great so I’ve set them up to be archived before they go into my inbox.
AND get rid of newsletters that aren’t relevant. If you don’t glean any real measurable value from it, get rid of it! I unsubscribed from at least 21 newsletters!! I feel lighter! 
Time saved: 3 hours a week

2) Schedule, schedule, schedule
Do you have a list of to-do stuff that runs from here to eternity? Worse yet- do have a vague idea of what your to do’s are but they aren’t on paper? First, get it all out of your head. I keep a rolling to do on my phone because I can email it to myself.  
Then - I SCHEDULE IT. Without a to-do on my calendar its just a looming monster that will never get done. When you schedule it, you do it. And if you don’t- you can at least move it so its still ‘alive’.
Time Saved: 2-4 hours 

3) Unplug
The last thing I found was a strange new compulsion to check my email and facebook and other things all the time! Its annoying and I hate that I do it so the only way I can get around it is to hide my phone and say I can’t check it again till morning. If something is urgent, someone will call. This has dramatically reduced stress and allowed me to be more present (which is what I’m seeking anyhow!)
Time saved: 3 hours 

Huge uh? Try it on! You’ll be amazed at what opens up!

Photo: Pinterest