Chic Mama Desk Tips

July 05, 2012

Do you have a desk at home? A bit of a nook that is your own space, minus children toys and books? My husband organized a corner for me where he built me an elaborate shelving space where I store my handbags, precious books, few important keepsakes that are sentimental. I like my desk to work as an inspirational area, where I can have tears from magazines and catalogs I can post close by. Goals for Motherburg are tucked nearby in a corner where my son cannot see them and tear them off.

Desk space helps us to feel a bit more together especially for busy moms. Whether you’re at home all day or use your desk during the weekends- having this personal space is sometimes the only space we moms have to oursleves.  

Here are some of the items I feel help pull a desk together:

Stacking Organizers. I like clear organizers, they help you to keep your things organize since you have to see them it forces you to clean up the clutter. They also look cool when you get a little creative an throw in color.

Ikea Boxes, Ikea has a well stocked boxing system that usually come in fun colors and patterns. I am a sucker for a colorful desk.

Cube Boxes as a shelving system. If you have a lot going on, live in a small space, these boxes help you to organize yet do not take up precious floor space. My husband built our cube boxes, I wallpapered and painted them with left-overs from our last apartment.

This is your space so have fun with it and throw in the elements that show off your personality, even if you are the only one who ever sees your desk, you’ll be happy that this nook is is for you and you only.

Photo, Donna Ladd, Motherburg