Here's to self sufficient kids!

June 27, 2012

I just love this! I stole it from Karen@achildgrows’ facebook page. It encapsulates my entire parenting philosophy! I’m big on teach ‘um to fish…. 
Our friend Crista posted this article: Why Are American Kids So Spoiled?  from the New Yorker. Its a depressing account of American children. 
If you’ve read the article, will it change how you are with your kids? It sure changed me - as the product of a helicopter parent who had no idea how to do laundry when I left for college, I am sooo on this boat. I no longer pick up anything they can pick up themselves, feed my oldest, to teaching them how to sweep, mop and wipe the table. Soon we’ll move to setting the table and folding laundry! Woohoo! I realize that taking the time now will pay dividends down the road. 
Speaking of… I might pick up a copy of that Mean Mom book….